Get ready to be captivated by the extravagant and resplendent solutions for soft furnishings from the pioneers of bespoke designing. The Monika Kamal Collection is an ode to luxury like never before.

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About the MKC

Everything we do at MKC sets us apart in the soft furnishings industry. We are not afraid of experimenting; we love exploring the world to find the finest designs and fabrics for our clients. Our products in your personal space will jazz up the ambience, bringing lavish comfort on a scale you’ll only have imagined in your dreams. Bringing together cutting-edge technology with rare design ingenuity we are a globally cherished and aspired brand.

Monika Kamal Collection founder

At MKC we don’t just design products; we design masterpieces which are trendsetters in their own right. Custom designed bed linen, window coverings, table linen, cushions, fabrics and décor items aesthetics et al for lavish opulence are MKC’s gift to your spaces. 

How we work


Travelling the extra mile to ensure satisfaction for every client is what defines MKC’s design process. We ensure that are no whims or fantasies left unattended. What bolster our position in the industry are these signature traits we adhere to each time.


To give our clients bespoke products which are unique in their designs as well as in terms of their style, we work closely with clients to come up with products which are exactly in sync with their requirements. Be it a cutting-edge look or a classic one that the client seeks, we spare no effort in giving our clients exactly what they want.


MKC believes that unique products come from unique ideas, which is why constant ideation activities are carried out. Looking for new and advanced surface techniques and the development of new patterns in various mediums are how we bring innovations into our work.


Our design process hinges on ensuring exclusivity in our products, which is why we select and source raw materials and components from suppliers for uncompromising quality. Unique materials which stand out and conform to the requirement of our clients are meticulously designed to create exquisite materials for our clients.


Over 25 years of experience in providing top notch solutions to our clients has led us at MKC to make sure that even the execution of the designs is perfect on all counts.