Try An ‘East Meets West’ Theme When Redecorating

Try An ‘East Meets West’ Theme When Redecorating

If you think that the ‘east meets west’ theme has been overdone, it is time to think again. Because in interior design, a new theme has taken over that brings together the sumptuousness of Asian decor with Scandinavian minimalism. Called Japandi in more popular culture and sometimes also called Scandinese, these bold new interior decor style has got luxury interior designers and style lovers in a tizzy. The Japandi theme draws on the Japanese ‘wabi sabi’ principle of beauty in the imperfect and the Scandinavian simplicity that has been immensely popular of late. Here’s how you can embrace this new theme with elan:

1.Layering is big in the Japandi theme. The key, according to leading interior designers in Delhi, is to be able to do justice to the minimalist-maximal approach by using the rich plethora of colour palettes, luxurious fabrics and embellishments in a clean-lined finish that is characteristic of the Scandinavian decor. Opulent colours from the Asian-inspired look like pink, red, gold and black are used on sleek Scandi-style furniture and patterns are added for visual interest.

2.The eastern Asian theme makes abundant use of natural materials which has been brought on board the Japandi Scandinese theme. Japanese cotton shibori, velvet, wood, ceramic, glass, rattan et al are important to this theme that hinges on creating balance in the overall look.

3.The clean looks of the Scandinavian design scheme have been given a pop of colour by top interior designers in Delhi NCR through the use of vibrant colours that are characteristic of Asian decors. Dramatic accent colours and unexpected blends of colours are infused in the decor scheme for an aesthetic contrast that is visually appealing. At the same time, neutrals are employed to create the impression of clutter-free airy spaces.

4.Floral elements are big in the Japandi decor theme so feel free to include floral prints in your spaces. From small prints to bold ones, the use of florals is encouraged by the best interior designers in Delhi NCR as it brings together vibrant colours with a natural and soothing vibe.

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