The Monsoon Style Guide For Homes

The Monsoon Style Guide For Homes

The monsoons are almost upon us and as much as we’d like to simply stay indoors and put off doing everything else but watching the rains, there is always plenty to be done. And no, we don’t mean the household chores you’ve been putting off. Monsoon does not mean you have to hide all the good stuff under the covers to protect them from the dampness and hide away in a barely furnished home. Monsoons are actually a great time to give your home a fun makeover that can be done with making just a few changes in your decor scheme. Here we bring you some of the expert ideas from leading interior designers for getting your home style ready this monsoon:

  • A natural and rustic look is one of the top favourites of Top Interior Designers in Delhi NCR for a monsoon interior. Loom woven or wool infused rugs in warm colours create a simple yet classy look and are also great during the rainy seasons as they can be cleaned easily. The addition of a rug also adds texture and warmth to the space.
  • The low sunlight and dark skies making your mood and ambience of the house gloomy? Simply refurbish your interiors to include more vibrant colours in the decor scheme. interior designers in Delhi are drawing inspiration from the colourful umbrellas and raincoats that come out in the rainy season and using pop colours to create an effervescent decor. Use multicoloured soft furnishings and linen for your table and the bedroom.
  • Light up your house interiors with an array of lighting options. You don’t necessarily have to invest in an ornate chandelier; candles, lamps, lanterns in different sizes work exceedingly well to light up your home. Swap your old lampshades for new ones to add some drama to the space.
  • Nothing like a colourful print to instantly upgrade the style quotient of your personal haven. If you already have too many patterned accessories, the safest way to add a new pattern is to bring in florals. These pretty little patterns that are inspiring Interior Decorators in Delhi NCR work well and complement just about any traditional pattern while breathing in a fresh breath to plain spaces.

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