Modern and Luxurious Bedroom Interiors

Modern and Luxurious Bedroom Interiors

Everyone wishes to design a luxurious bedroom to unwind and revel in at the end of their long and tiring day. But luxury means different things to different people, which is why any high end interior designer in Delhi will go to extraordinary lengths to create exclusive and lavish bedroom interiors for their clients. A popular trend in luxury bedroom interiors nowadays is the modern theme, where the focus is on simplicity and clean lines.

Modern interiors for bedrooms are aligned towards creating a spacious and clutter free space which makes the maximum use of basic geometry. Natural materials are used in abundance by the top interior designers in Delhi NCR for this theme and these include wood, leather, teak, linen and even polished metal. Accessories are kept to a minimum in a bid to stay true to the overall theme.

For modern and luxurious bedrooms, the Best Interior Designer in Delhi NCR will help you choose the right elements including the colour palette, furniture and furnishings for the look of your choice. Since modern bedrooms are more inclined towards neutral colours, white would serve as the ideal base. A monochromatic scheme would create the impression of uncluttered space. Though don’t hesitate to mix colours for an eclectic scheme. A soft touch of bright yellow or fresh green will bring warmth to your modern bedroom.

Built-in furniture works well with modern bedroom interiors as it frees up floor space. For some added convenience, get hydraulic cabinets. A popular furniture article is the platform bed with underlighting. Since luxury is all about custom designs, bespoke furniture also makes for ideal placement in a modern luxurious bedroom. And dress it all up with sumptuous bed linen; layering is a popular trend among best interior designers in Delhi NCR to make your bedroom look plush and inviting.

To create drama and the appearance of regal splendour without causing the bedroom to appear too tacky opt for textured panels in place of an accent wall. Wood and leather are the popular panel materials for modern decor.  Keep accessories to a minimum; bold artwork can really be your saviour here, bringing the touch of chic to an otherwise sparse space.

For more ideas on how to design a modern and luxurious bedroom, get bespoke solutions from the Monika Kamal Collection, one of the leading design firms in the country known for their bespoke Luxury Home Furnishings. Every project is given the utmost attention by the team at MKC to create the finest luxury furnishings and décor aesthetics that are exquisite, exclusive and flawless in every detail, allowing clients to experience opulent indulgence for even their most personal spaces like their bedroom.


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