Luxury Soft Furnishings

Luxury Soft Furnishings

Creating elegant and stylish homes is an art. In recent years, with their being increased awareness about living in well-appointed spaces, people are splurging on the finest resources for their homes. Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, people are experimenting with different themes and styles. When it comes to home furnishings too, people want only the best and are exploring products which are based on themes that are all the rage in contemporary interior design. Some styles remain classic favourites with people from different backgrounds and we bring you five themes which are ruling the charts:

1. Oriental – An Asian-inspired look, the Oriental theme makes use of soothing colours with just the hint of vibrancy. Mixing and matching textures and colours to create a sense of balance in the Best Interior Designers in India is a hallmark of this style. Silk and natural fabrics are in dominant use for home furnishings for this theme.

2. Victorian – A theme that is associated with old world styling, the Victorian theme is defined by the use of delicate and small items which add grace to the setting. Ideal for the living room and dining area, with the use of luxury furnishings and Décor crafted from lace, velvet or brocade. Simple floral patterns and delicate embroideries dominate in the design of home furnishing products for this theme.

3. Cottage – One of the simplest Interior Decorators in Delhi, the cottage theme is more laid back and rustic in terms of styling. Soothing pastel shades dominate while bursts of colour are added through accent pieces of accessories and soft furnishings. Curtains in light and sheer fabrics are the preferred choice for window treatments.

4. Mediterranean – The Mediterranean theme brings an exotic vibe to the ambience of the home. Arabesque motifs, a mix of Italian and French design influences and abundant use of rich colours make this a style quite elegant and sophisticated in its appeal. Blue and gold accents dominate the fabrication of Soft Furnishings for this theme.

5. Traditional – For those who like to stay with convention for their home interiors, the traditional theme works really well. Florals, plaid and damask are the dominant themes that are drawn on in curating an ambience in this theme. Simple colours and patterns are preferred for the furnishings.

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