Incorporating Pastel Shades for A Stylish Décor

Incorporating Pastel Shades for A Stylish Décor

When it comes to luxury home interiors, no detail can be ignored. The grandeur, uniqueness and curated element in luxury interiors are what make them so coveted by even ordinary individuals. Luxury interiors don’t always have to mean bold bright and popping colours though; with muted pastel shades too, one can create elegant and sophisticated luxury that suits one’s style statement. The soothing mellowness of pastel shades brings a cosy comfort to space which when used in the right details can create a luxurious ambience in your personal spaces. Here we bring you some of the favourite ways luxury interior designers are using pastels to create stylish decor:

  • Soothing pastel paint for the walls are fine, but you can take the decor for your space a notch higher with wallpaper in prints featuring pastel shades. Custom designed wall paper from a manufacturer of Luxury Furnishings and Decor items will bring a characteristic elegance that is unique in its statement and creates a soothing ambience.
  • If you have walls painted in a dark shade, art work and wall accessories in soft pastel shades are a decor trend for highend interiors that is catching on fast. Make a statement with an oversized art work that works as a focal point for the space, creating for an eye-catching contrast. To make the pastel shades pop, frame the artwork in a simple dark coloured frame.
  • Pastel coloured fabrics for the upholstery and window treatment will add to the soothing and luxurious ambience you want for your personal space. Choose Soft Furnishings in light pastel hues for an airy and elegant decor scheme. While pastel furnishings do have a tendency to appear feminine, use accessories to keep the theme neutral.
  • An area rug is a must to enhance the luxury quotient of your personal space and a pastel hued rug will bring subtle style of its own along with the high comfort. Choose a patterned rug with the pastel as the dominant colour and make sure to complement the design with the rest of the decor for your space.

Give your personal spaces the touch of luxury and grandeur with the bespoke luxury furnishings and decor aesthetics from the Monika Kamal Collection, one of the leading design firms in India, known for its exclusive bespoke soft furnishings and decor items. Travelling the world to source the finest materials and techniques, the MKC prides itself on delivering tailor made solutions for luxury to clients.

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