Including Antiques in the House Interior Design

Including Antiques in the House Interior Design

There is something about antiques that draws almost every individual in their direction. We don’t look at what is the decor theme in our house; don’t care that the piece itself could be quite an expense unto itself; antiques have a certain charm to themselves that is simply hard to resist. Of late, the trend for incorporating antiques into modern settings has caught on among the top interior designers and stylists and the connoisseurs of antiques and vintage pieces are warming up to the idea too. If you want to give your homes a touch of uniqueness, with some vintage charm, here are a few ideas on how to include antiques in the interior design scheme:

  • Accessories like antique clocks and vases are perhaps the simplest elements to use in the interior design scheme for that classic look. Make way for wall art featuring your collection of antique clocks or arrange vases and porcelain sets on wall mantles for that chic yet vintage setting in the house interior design.
  • Nothing beats old furniture when it comes to including antiques in the interior design scheme with élan. Visit antique stores, flea markets, curio shops or boutiques for exquisite pieces that will attract your attention and add to the elegance of your personal spaces.
  • It is not the interior design styles that matter when it comes to including antiques in the house interiors; the arrangement can be equally antique in its setting, adding to the appeal. If you want to keep the entire look antique, select furnishings accordingly; for a look that will add spice to your average setting, include an accent antique piece.
  • Furnishings and how you style them too can make a difference when including antiques in the interior design scheme. Lacy curtains, heavy velvet drapes, tassel cords for curtains, etc recreate that antique look. For more ideas, ask a professional interior decorator to help you plan a look you want.

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