High End Interiors for the Living Room

High End Interiors for the Living Room

If you are planning on updating your living room, make way for the old with a trend that has the world of luxury raving. Instead of going pale with neutral colours, go dark, because dark is the new neutral that will have your living room make a statement of its own, striking an elegant and opulent picture where the masses are opting for bright shades. Dark decoration is a contemporary style of interior design and can be used with great ingenuity to create a stylish yet inviting space. Here’s a guide on how to play up this look:

  • Dark does not always mean black – Be willing to experiment with dark colours when it comes to dark decoration because you don’t always have to stick to black. Best Interior Designers in India recommend using dark pastels, violets, chocolate browns, deep reds, blues and greens, burgundy, wine and more for the colour palette for a dark living room.
  • It’s dark all the way, right to the floors – If you are going to start decorating your living room in dark tones, make sure the flooring is done in dark colours too.
  • Work on the contrast –What adds to the appeal of dark luxury interiors for the living room is the play of contrasts that significantly alters the overall look and ambience in the room. Pair the dark walls with contrasting furniture; white is especially recommended. Light brown leather furniture too makes for a classy addition.
  • The right lighting will make for the perfect ambience –Focused, accent lighting adds to the mystery and elegance of dark living room interiors. A series of lamps placed strategically around the room too work well to highlight the cosiness of the interior room design while softening the overall glow.
  • Accessorize to complete the look – Choosing the right accessories will add to the appeal of dark tones in High End Interiors for the living room. Pictures in white or cream frames will make for a great element of contrast. For that freshness, include green plants.

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