The Fabric Guide For Designer Curtains

The Fabric Guide For Designer Curtains

Curtains are the classic favourites when it comes to window treatments for most spaces. Even with the advent of smart and trendy blinds and shades, curtains continue to be popular among people seeking to cover their windows and infuse some privacy in their settings. When it comes to choosing curtains for one’s house or place of work, one of the most significant decisions to make concerns the kind of fabrics to be used. Manufacturers of luxury furnishings and curtain designers have their own recommendations but there are some materials that continue to hold their own when it comes to the popular choices. Here are some of the most commonly used fabrics used to manufacture curtains:

  1. Cotton and cotton blends are one of the most versatile choices for curtains as they bring a clean and crisp feel that works extremely well with traditional as well as modern themes. One of the reasons makers of designer Bespoke Curtains prefer cotton fabrics for curtains is that they drape very well, making them an ideal choice for formal settings. Cotton fabrics for curtains range from the heavy blackout versions to sheer curtains that are light and airy.
  2. For a romantic look, silk curtains are a great investment. A heavier fabric that also drapes well, silk has a distinct lustre that creates a glamorous effect when used for curtains. However, silk is extremely high maintenance as a fabric choice as it can only be dry cleaned.
  3. Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is being seen as a cost-effective and cheaper option for those looking for curtains. Not a preferred fabric for designer window curtains, one of the reasons that polyester continues to be used for curtains is that it is available in a wide range of colours and patterns which are easily incorporated into the fabric on account of its synthetic nature. Polyester is also a fabric recommended for spaces with heavy people traffic as stains are easily removed from it.
  4. Velvet is a fabric associated with gothic and vintage settings but if chosen in the appropriate colours, makes for a trendy contemporary ambience. Velvet curtains are heavy and also provide extra privacy while blocking the sun. The fabric drapes exceedingly well, making it appropriate as a material for living room curtains along formal lines in traditionally styled settings.

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