Choosing Curtain Fabrics for Different Rooms In The House

Choosing Curtain Fabrics for Different Rooms In The House

The right window treatments can significantly impact the overall ambience of any room. When choosing curtain for the house, it is thus extremely important that one chooses the right fabrics which blend the practical functionality of controlling light inflow with the desired styling that the person prefers. Depending on what room the curtains are going to be placed in, one needs to choose the right fabric. Here is a basic guide for beginners to help them make the right selection of curtain fabrics for their homes:


The bedroom is the one place in the house where most individuals prefer to keep the sunlight out for most part of the day and create a dark and private space that is warm yet inviting at the same time. A heavy fabric is recommended for such spaces and blackout curtains which keep the light out completely are in high demand. Some people also prefer to opt for layered Bespoke Curtains with one light fabric on the inside and a heavier fabric on the outside.

  • When it comes to the dining and/or living room, the style and fabric is determined by the decor of the space. For instance, in a formal setting, interior designers recommend living room curtains that match the colour of the room or are in neutral shades like white, cream or beige. If you are opting for a vintage look in the living room, lace curtains are a classy choice that keep the look tied down together with great flair.
  • Depending on how much light a room gets, one can choose curtain fabrics according to whether one likes the light or prefers a dark space. For sunny rooms, one must choose fabrics that allow the sunlight to flow in uninhibited while also maintaining the privacy of the room’s occupants. An ideal option for sunny rooms is blinds with sheer Designer Window Curtains or lace half curtains. For shady rooms which are meant to stay shaded throughout the day, a heavier fabric is ideal. However, if one wants to take advantage of the minimum light available, voile or sheer curtains are an option they can explore.

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